About - BadCoders Interactive
We are Brazilian engineering students that, through our love in gaming and modding, realized that it was time to create something new and unique by ourselves. Since then we strive to learn new abilities to achieve this endeavor by diving into the amazing field of game development. Our first trials begun on the first quarter of 2016, developing systems for ideas that we thought could grow into interesting concepts. Some of these systems showed a great potential and gave us a solid base for a full game. During the development of the first game we document our progress on this site, learning with the community and sharing our experiences as we progress. Our main goal is to bring unique and interesting design aspects and concepts to the game industry, make friends and have lots of fun.

tetryds  @tetryds

Electrical engineering student by day, game designer, project manager and developer by night, is usually found fighting crime and saving the world... or programming in underwear. Unlike any normal human being, doesn't drink coffee or eat bacon. Instead, manages to survive with chocolate and some stuff he cooks.

VintageXP  @VintageXP

Mechanical engineering undergrad, framework programmer, lead artist and businessman. Frequently found singing David Bowie at 4:00am and swearing at Photoshop. Likes coffee, alcohol and having existential crises.